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Is this real life?

There’ll come a day when you’re losing your way
And you won’t know where you belong
They say that home is where your heart is
So follow your heart know that you can’t go wrong (X)

❝ She found her way to Daryl. They hugged and it felt so good. ❞

❝ Daryl and Carol are better when they’re together. ❞

Joanna Crawley,, 10.13.14 (x)

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Every Caryl moment: Caryl in seasons 3, 4 and 5 premieres

chupacabra → no sanctuary


Can we talk for one hot second about the moments right before the hug?

Carol walks up and then just stops. And her face is so apprehensive, so unsure, so exhausted, so filled with the collective emotional pain of everything she’s gone through. She doesn’t know how they’re going to react to her….

 N O  S A N C T U A R Y 
 N O  S A N C T U A R Y 

❝ "The reunion with Daryl "was very emotional. Carol adores Daryl," McBride says. "With Daryl running to her and embracing her, she felt a lot of love in that second." ❞